For all alterations questions please call: (608) 784-3560

When ordering a bridal gown or bridesmaid dress, it is important to ALWAYS assume that you will need to have alterations. Dresses are not custom made, but rather made to set measurements from a size chart. Since we are all different shapes and sizes, some alterations will be needed so the dress fits your body just right! 


Please keep in mind that the seamstresses are self-employed and an appointment is always needed for alterations. Walk-ins are not accepted. The seamstresses do not always accept merchandise purchased outside of The Wedding Tree.


 "I had my alterations done at the Wedding Tree by Kathy. That woman is a magician with a needle and thread. From the moment I met her and we consulted on my alterations I knew I was in good hands. I highly recommend seeing her for alterations!" 


"After my purchase, Sarah was able to create some lacey sleeves for me, and the end result was better than my dreams!"

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: "Do you have seamstresses at The Wedding Tree?"
A: Yes. However, all three seamstresses at The Wedding Tree are self employed and work independent of the store; they have their own hours, their own prices, and take responsibility for their own work. All three seamstresses do wonderful work and come highly recommended by the staff at The Wedding Tree. Their shop is located in the lower level of our store, ensuring that the dresses never leave the Wedding Tree.
Q: "How much do alterations cost?"
A: Because the seamstresses are self-employed, they set their own prices. The easiest way to find out how much they charge for a specific alteration is to call them and ask! They do also sometimes take on outside work, so feel free to call!
Q: "Do they tailor men's suits?"
A: The seamstresses are only able to alter bridal gowns, wedding-party dresses, and formal gowns. They are only able to hem dress pants.

Please call (608) 784-3560

Q: "When should I schedule my alterations appointments?"
A: The seamstresses get very busy during the year, especially during wedding season. Even if your dress is not yet in or you are going through body changes and want to wait until closer to the wedding for your actual fittings, we recommend calling well in advance to get your appointment(s) in the books. They will turn customers away if they do not have the time to get your dress done. Remember, alterations are almost always necessary so it is better to have an appointment and cancel later than to wait to schedule and not get in.

For a bridal gown: We recommend calling to begin the scheduling process 3-4 months prior to the wedding.

For a bridesmaid / special occasion or similar gown: We recommend calling to begin the scheduling process 1-2 months prior to the wedding.