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  • When should I shop for my wedding dress?
    We recommend shopping for your gown, a year before the big day. Gowns typically take between 5-7 months to come in, plus you'll want some extra time for alterations. If you're shopping within a shorter time frame, some dresses can be purchased from our collection or ordered on rush for an additional fee.
  • Do I need an appointment?
    Our team would love to book an appointment for you and your guests! We will always prefer an appointment when shopping for bridal gowns. While we try our very best to accommodate walk-ins, we tend to book up on weekends. Be sure to check out our different appointment options and find the best fit for you!
  • What should I bring to my appointment?
    Honestly, just yourself! The proper undergarments can really make all the difference when trying on dresses, but confidence is truly your best accessory! So, if a strapless bra or a certain shaper makes you feel more comfortable go for it! We do not allow outside food or beverage, but have options available to purchase. Be sure to check out our different appointment options and find the best fit for you!
  • How much are bridal gowns?
    Our store caries a wide range of price points to accommodate many budgets. The national average for a bridal gown is about $1,800, so most of our dresses fall within the $1,200-$2,200 range but we do have styles above and below that price point. If your budget is around $200-$500, we have hundreds of re-orderable special occasion dresses as well.
  • Do you have any sale dresses?
    We do have a selection of 100+ sale gowns that can be purchased from our collection. It's always best to check our social media pages for any announcements about sales or other special promotions.
  • What sizes are available to try on?
    Size inclusion is incredibly important to us! Our in-store samples range from sizes 4-30, but most can be ordered in sizes 0-34.
  • How do I know what size to order?
    Your stylist will take your measurements and go over the size chart with you to select the best size. Sizing for a bridal gown runs differently than street sizing, so you may end up selecting a different size than normal. It is important to note that these dresses are not custom made, so alterations are ALWAYS expected and a normal part of the process.
  • Do you have seamstresses at The Wedding Tree?
    Yes! However, the seamstresses are self employed and work independent of the store; they have their own hours, set their own prices, and take responsibility for their own work. Their shop is located in the lower level of our store, ensuring that the dresses never leave the Wedding Tree. You can reach them directly at 608-784-3560.
  • When should I schedule my alterations appointment?
    For a bridal gown, we recommend calling 608-784-3560 at least 3-4 months prior to the wedding. The seamstresses get very busy during the year, especially during wedding season (summer / fall). Even if your dress is not yet in or you are going through body changes and want to wait until closer to the wedding for your actual fittings, we recommend calling well in advance to get your appointment(s) in the books. They will turn customers away if they do not have the time to get your dress done. Remember, alterations are almost always necessary so it is better to have an appointment and cancel later than to wait to schedule and not get in.
  • How much do alterations cost?
    Because the seamstresses are self-employed, they set their own prices. The easiest way to find out how much they charge for a specific alteration is to call them and ask! They do also sometimes take on outside work, so feel free to call 608-784-3560.
  • What is your return policy?
    ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There are no returns, refunds, or exchanges and merchandise is sold “as is.” In the event of a subsequent cancellation, we will not refund for any payments already made and the customer is still responsible for any remaining balance. Merchandise may not remain in the store past the original wear date without incurring service charges.
We hope you enjoyed this small preview of our Mother-of-the-Day dress collection.
Each of these designs are available to order in a variety of colors and any size. Stop in store to view the rest of our collection and see fabric swatches. Click the links below to get inspired by viewing our designers.
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