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Wedding Gown Preservation

Y O U R G O W N I S A F O R E V E R M E M O R Y !

Preservation is the special cleaning and packaging of your dress to keep your gown protected from the wear and tear of time. Simply bring your dress and accessories to The Wedding Tree and we’ll take care of the rest! We work with a professional company that’s been trusted by over 3 million brides!


- Quality Cleaning & Spot Treatment

- Small Repairs such as Loose Beading or Fabric Tears

- 100 Year Anti -Yellowing Guarantee

- Includes Up To 5 Accessories FREE such as Veil, Garter, Etc.

- 2 Way Insured Shipping

The entire process takes about 1-2 months and you can choose between at home delivery or store pick up. If you purchased your dress from us, you’ll also receive a $50 credit towards the preservation!

Let us know if you have any remaining questions!

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