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Meet Our Owner!

Deb bought the business in 1996 after spending over 5 years in the computer and software industry. She felt a greater calling and wanted to make a real impact for women so she decided to buy a local business and The Wedding Tree was for sale. Deb faced many odds and different obstacles, but she continued to persevere and tried everything she could to accomplish all of the things everyone thought she never could.

After a few years, Deb moved the store to its current location in the historic John Rehfuss building becoming its first female owner! In 2015, Deb and her team renovated the vacant third floor creating The Court Above Main, a lofted event space. Deb is also the owner of the La Crosse Wedding EXPO, an event that connects local wedding professionals with couples in the area.

Q: What is your favorite part of this job?

A: "Witnessing the love, dedication, devotion, and compassion the team members continue to develop with each other and our customers. There have been many, many lifelong relationships and families formed out of the four walls of this building of love."

Q: What keeps you inspired to run a bridal shop after 26 years?

A: "Watching the people who have been employed within these four walls become empowered, grow, and flourish as a team player and an individual is extremely heartwarming and helps me to continue day after day. Knowing each day as a team we continue to grow the business(es) and be the best possible service oriented entity – that never grows old."

Q: What is your best advice for a bride-to-be?

A: "My best advice for the bride-to-be is you do control how your memories resonate with you . . . don't sweat the small stuff. Enjoy the journey. Practice respect and kindness with not only yourself, but the people you work with to help make your special day a dream come true. Spend more time working on your relationship with your partner before and after the wedding than you do anything else. Compromise. Listen to one voice only, the one in your head. Lead with love and know everything will turn out as it should."

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