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Calling All Curvy Brides

At our very core, we are a team that values inclusivity and everything we do is to uplift and empower women! Our stylists also reflect those values and are all different shapes and sizes. We’re buying dresses that highlight curvy bodies, are structurally supportive, and follow the latest bridal trends. Know that your options are never limited because of your size when you shop at The Wedding Tree!


You are SO MUCH MORE than a size. You do not have to lose weight or change your body to fit an industry standard. You found someone that loves you exactly as you are! At the end of the day, all that really matters is if you found a dress you love and it zips! Just be aware bridal sizing is different from street sizing which means you may be fitting into a different size than usual.


While it’s helpful to come into your appointment with some ideas in mind, don’t close yourself off to other possibilities. You might end up loving a style you didn’t expect. Trust your stylist to pull options that will highlight your curves and falter your body just right.


Give yourself the best visual possible. Bring any undergarments you plan to wear on your big day with you to the appointment. This looks differently for everyone- some brides like the feel of a shaper while others don’t. Having the correct undergarments can really alter the shape of a gown and make you feel more comfortable. Planning on an updo or a bold red lip? Come to your appointment dressed in a similar way. All these little details really impact how you see yourself in a dress.

Remember to take a breath and have fun! Be kind to yourself and know you deserve to feel beautiful, loved, and celebrated during this exciting time in your life! No matter your size or shape you will find the right dress for you. Know we’re here for you and can’t wait to have you shop with us!

Click HERE for an additional sneak peek of our curve collection!

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