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Black Tie Tips

Book A Menswear Styling Appointment

Whether you want a traditional tuxedo or something more edgy, we have an endless selection of colors and patterns to ensure your vision comes to life! During your appointment, you will receive a full walk-through of styles, fits, and colors to find the best options for your wedding party. Be sure to book your appointment 6 months in advance, this ensures order time and gives your group plenty of time to get measured. (Also, don’t forget that bridesmaid swatch!)

Choose to Rent of Buy

Rent, buy or both for whatever “suits” your needs! Each member of your wedding party can choose to RENT or BUY our most popular suit styles. Rentals are available in multiple fits to ensure everyone has a tailored look that fits their individual needs. With in-store try-on options, members measured in store will be able to try on their size to ensure a quality fit.

Final Fittings

2-3 days before the wedding we will have “final fittings” with each individual. One of our stylists will help assist them with their try-on to make sure everything is fitting properly and meets our standards. Have out of town renters? No need to worry! We’re able to make accommodations even the day before the wedding if a garment is not fitting properly. We also offer a “Direct Delivery” program that will ship the rental directly to their doorstep for an additional fee.

Return with Ease

Returns are due back the Sunday or Monday following the wedding. Rentals do NOT need to be returned personally. One person can even return for an entire wedding party if that’s what works best for your group.

You can trust us to keep the process simple, easy, and make sure your big day goes off without a hitch!

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