Formal Wear FAQ

All of my guys are out of town so we can only go to the big chain stores right?
We specialize in weddings with far flung members and I’m positive that you will be thrilled with the more personal service that an independently owned, small business can deliver! The guys can get measured at ANY of the 6000 stores that belong to the Jim’s Retailer Network, submit their measurements and nonrefundable down-payment and then simply pick up their tuxedo!! In the past three years we have been proud to provide measurement assistance to gentlemen located in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Kosovo, Chile, Argentina, Canada, Italy, South Africa, Japan, Germany, and Australia!

How far in advance should I book my tuxedos?
We recommend picking out styles at least 6 months before your wedding so that you have plenty of time to submit your measurements. We ABSOLUTELY can and have provided tuxedos in far less time than this (try a whole wedding party in 10 days or a single tux the very next day!) but for the most stress-free formal wear experience, give us, your guys and yourself some extra breathing room.

When do I need to have my measurements in?
We would like to have all measurements and down-payments in 2 months prior to the event. This gives our supplier the necessary time to purchase, rent or make the sizes that we’ve requested. AGAIN, we can and have provided tuxedos on a much shorter timetable than this but for the most stress free formal wear experience, give us, your guys and yourselves a little extra time.

How much does renting a tuxedo/suit cost?
The average formal wear rental, including shoes and upgrades, runs about $150 but we have fabulous options for everyone. From the budget conscious to the blinged out, we’ve got you covered!! Price will never stand in your way here, tell me what you want to spend and I can customize a tuxedo package for your big day that comes in under budget!

Do I have to pay for the whole thing upfront?
NO! We take a nonrefundable $25 downpayment that goes toward the cost of your rental when we take your measurements. We will then go over and have you sign the standard rental contract. For a printable copy of that contract Click Here. You will pay the balance of your rental prior to trying it on at your Final Fitting, either Thursday or Friday before the wedding.

What is a “Final Fitting?”
We have each renter come into the shop on either Thursday or Friday before the wedding to try his suit/tux on. This gives us the necessary time to perform minor alterations and potentially order a new piece from our supplier in Madison. We take the best measurements possible and our plant tries its best to give us what we’ve asked for, but things happen. We can’t promise a good fit without that Final Fitting but even if the worst happens and nothing fits, we can still get a new tuxedo by 10 am the next day.

Do you have suits?
Yes, we do! We have a variety of suit options available at all prices. Why buy a suit and pay for alterations when you can rent one and have that provided for you?

Can I rent just a vest and tie?
Yes, you can!! We have some special individual rental pricing designed specifically for you!!

Do you have special pricing for ringbearers?
We have six tuxedo styles that are available at a reduced rental price for the little guys. We also have a great line of little boys suits and tuxedos available for purchase at some really competitive prices. We would love to help you select the option that works best for your special little guy, his parents and your event.

Why can’t my Mom/Girlfriend/Wife pick up my tux for me?
We have each renter come into the shop on the Thursday or Friday immediately before the wedding to try his tuxedo on. A Final Fitting is required or we just can’t guarantee a proper fit. This gives us the necessary time to perform minor alterations and potentially order a new piece from our supplier in Madison. Any replacement pieces will be available for pick up the next day.

When do I need to return my tuxedo?
The Wedding Tree goes above and beyond to offer more options for return than any other store. We allow returns on Sunday from 12 until 4 and on Monday from 10-7. Since we give so much time and flexibility for returns, we do strictly enforce our $25 per day late fee on any rental returned after 7pm on Monday.

Do I need to return my rental personally?
No, anyone can return a tuxedo. One person can even return for an entire wedding party if that’s what works best for your event.

What does the rental contract say?
The contract basically says that any down payment is non-refundable and that we have a two week cancellation policy. This means that if for any reason the rental is not needed, it must be canceled two weeks prior to the wedding date or the full rental value will be charged. It also states that trying the tuxedo on in the store prior to pick up is required and any rental taken from the store without a final fitting is an unfinished product, and we are not responsible for fit issues. There will be no refunds given for any reason. For a printable copy of the exact wording, Click Here.