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There is nothing more special for our bridal consultants than seeing all the hard work, emotional trials and triumphs, and that bridal vision come together on that one special day. Our Bride of the Year contest allows our brides to share their big day with us. When you send in your photos we get to experience the day with you and finally visualize that image you had in your head. We love seeing it all put together: the gown, the accessories, the bridesmaids and flowergirls, the suits or tuxedos, and even the mother-of-the(s)! So share it with us!

Here’s How!
1. Entries are open to ALL Wedding Tree brides. You don’t have to have bought your dress here, you could have purchased anything from your gown, bridesmaids, flowergirl, tuxedos, to full bridal party accessories! If you loved your time at the Wedding Tree, we want YOU to be our new Bride of the Year! Your wedding does not have to have occurred in the year you’re competing in! Was your wedding last year? That’s okay! Send in your entry now!

2. All Bride of the Year Contestants will be featured in our blog and on our Facebook page!

3. Bride of the Year Finalists may also be chosen to be featured on our website!

4. Our Bride of the Year will be featured as our Facebook profile picture, have a blog dedicated to herself, have her photos used all over our website, AND receive a $100 gift certificate to The Waterfront for a fancy date night with her new husband!

5. Each bride may only enter the contest(s) ONCE!

6. Voting will open February 15 and close February 28 at store close.

Check out Amber! She was our 2015 Bride of the Year!
We adored helping Amber select her gown and earrings, bridesmaid dresses, and personal attendant dresses!
BOTY 2015 - Amber Winters Reidt

2010 marked the beginning of our first annual Bride of the Year Contest! It was amazing and so much fun! Each of our gorgeous contestants sent in photos, comments, and details from their big day to vie for a chance to become our Bride of the Year, be featured in our Facebook profile picture, AND win a fabulous $100 date night gift certificate to The Waterfront here in La Crosse!

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It's time to show us your photos! We generally like to accept 5-10 photos per bride and sometimes when our email receives too many it can become overfull and some photos may be left out. To ensure that ALL your photos reach us safely we recommend that you instead set up a free Photobucket account and email us the link! We will still accept photos emailed in to us, you just risk us not being able to receive them all!

If you choose to send photos separately:

Upload Photos to a separate email with Subject: *Your Name* Bride of the Year Photos, to

I understand that by submitting these photos I have authorized the use of them by the Wedding Tree and signified that I have the right to distribute them.

Who are those fabulous people in your photos? (First names only):

Tell us about your big day and any comments/compliments you received!:

Tell us what you thought of the Wedding Tree! (include details about the things you purchased here and whether they met your needs):

Enter Today! Contest Deadline for Entries is January 31, 2017